In order for you, as a BrokerStar customer, to be informed by WMC in case of breakdowns or maintenance work, the data of your contact person(s) are supposed to be registered directly in BrokerStar and you should keep them up-to-date.

If you still see this message on your screen, you have not yet entered your contact person of contact it is recommended that you do so urgently.


1.Please open the admin area in your own installation ( and select "Manage contact persons"  under «User» setting:

2. To create your contact persons, click on "New contact person" on the right side of the screen.

3. Now enter the default person(s) and assign them a selection of the listed notifications. After saving they are listed in a table.

4. Then please select the "technical contact" and the "administrative contact" among the entered contacts. Only one contact person can be selected per contact type.


By registering contact persons, it is guaranteed that you receive urgent and important information about malfunctions, breakdowns or maintenance work on your BrokerStar system by e-mail to the responsible person in your company..

Good to know:

  1. For this reason, a feature has been implemented in BrokerStar that allows the BrokerStar owner to manage the contact data himself. This ensures that the right people in your company are reliably informed in case of malfunctions.

  2. It is therefore important that you (as an administrator) enter your own contact information and keep it up to date, otherwise the WMC cannot put you on the automated distribution list and you will not receive important messages.
  3. Recommendation: If you are a broker with branch offices and you want all employees in your company to be informed of a malfunction immediately, you should set up a process whereby the "technical contact" you have selected will forward this information to the desired employees or subsidiaries.


  1. Only one contact person per type of contact.
  2. Contact persons cannot be imported from the address book.